Flemish painting and De Jonckheere Gallery's old master paintings


Flemish painting is present in the world's greatest museums and has always aroused a special interest and passion among collectors.

Old master paintings, landscapes, portraits, vedute and Italian views: we can assess all the paintings in your collection.


Martin de Vos

Return from the flight to Egypt

Return from the flight to Egypt
Copper - 12.5 x 10 cm


  • Private collection, Germany.



Rarer in religious iconography, the Return from the Flight to Egypt portrays the return journey of the Holy Family and Christ as an older...

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1532 – Antwerp – 1603



Maarten de Vos was born in Antwerp. His father, the painter Pieter de Vos from Leiden in Holland, registered with the Guild of Saint Luke in Antwerp in 1507. The...

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