de jonckheere old masters

Jacob Savery the Elder

Interior of a farm with still life

Panel: 31,7 x 46,3 cm


Through this still life, Jacob Savery the Elder offers us a spectacular portrayal of victuals, resulting from meticulous observation.

The concrete existence of each object, each motif, is reconstructed with an astonishing exactitude, in its texture and in its appearance. This still life illustrates the powerful evocation of life in the country, its benefits and the abundance of vegetables, fruit and other victuals produced by a well-run estate. The precise rendering of each subject and the subtle lighting effects give relief and presence to the arranged pieces of food.

By adding a group of figures to this abundance of food, Jacob Savery the Elder combines still life with a genre scene. Mainly sitting at a table, this handful of protagonists, clearly in a good mood, is preparing to enjoy a good meal. It is almost possible to discern what each person is saying and to feel the warm, family atmosphere.

Ode to the pleasures of eating, this still life reveals a talented artist, capable of combining different genres in the same painting and in an original way. Also known for being a talented landscape artist, the ease with which Jacob Savery the Elder moves from one genre to another is a continual source of surprise.

Provenance :
P. de Boer, Amsterdam, 1940;
Private collection, the Netherlands.

Littérature :
J. Spicer, The Drawings of Roelandt Savery, 1576-1639, Yale University, 1979, p. 229, note 46, p. 347.

Expositions :
Ghent, 1954, no. 3, attributed to Roelandt Savery.