de jonckheere old masters

Martin Rijckaert

Landscape of the Rhine valley

Panel: 28,5 x 42 cm
Circa 1610


Through the delicate pictorial execution and subtle range of colours in this painting, Ryckaert provides us with the resounding proof of his talents that place him among the leading Flemish landscape ‘fijnschilders’ from the first half of the 17th century.

The Rhine plunges into a narrow, steep-sided valley, gradually forming a series of broad, majestic bends that roam throughout this spectacular panoramic landscape. A panorama appears at every bend, and every widening is filled with small towns overlooked by castles. Rocky outcrops stand out against the profile of the horizon line and create a breach marked by a tonal effect of perspective as well as subtle modulations between light and shade. His palette of colours is particularly luminous and beautiful, with a foreground in a rich deep brown, and a far-off landscape which melts into subtle and precious blues.

The obvious talent of the young Martin Ryckaert is very clear in this magnificent copper, revealing his ability to reconcile the force of his panoramic vision with a miniaturist attention to detail.

Provenance :
Private collection

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