de jonckheere old masters

Martin Rijckaert

Pair of mountainous landscapes

Copper: 17,2 x 22,3 cm


This charming pair of coppers shows a tendency in the work of Rijckaert which has been favourably imbued with the influence of Paul Bril, who was one of the principal sources of inspiration for him and for the Flemish landscape artists of his generation. The atmosphere is, to say the least, picturesque, if not romantic, with the central fortress of one of the pendants perched on its craggy peak.

The presence of mills, waterfalls and stone bridges being crossed by travelers are other motifs which recur in the artist’s work, as does the attention to the detailed rendering of the architecture, also characteristic of his artistic approach.

In this wooded, alpine context, it is somewhat surprising to find, in the lower right foreground of one of the pendants, the motif of Christ speaking with the pilgrims of Emmaus. However, one must realise that at the time, it was still often the case that a landscape in itself had to be justified or at the very least, enhanced, by the inclusion of a religious or historical scene.

In any event, in the well-balanced complementarity of these coppers, the finesse of their painterly execution as well as the subtlety of their colour scheme, Rijckaert offers us a dazzling display of the talents that place him among the top Flemish landscape fijnschilders in the first half of the XVIIth century.

Provenance :
Private collection

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