de jonckheere old masters

Pieter Snyers

Pair of still lifes: Still life with fruit and vegetables and Still life with fruits and vegetables with a stoneware pitcher

Copper: 12,6 x 17 cm


The fruit and vegetables in these small coppers are unquestionably at the source of Pieter Snyers’ success. With these two delightful still lifes, the painter joins the ranks of the best painters of the genre. There is no need for artifice, just nature. Through a cleverly constructed, multi-coloured mass of victuals, the painter expresses the full extent of his talent. He invites the viewer to look and touch, and who wouldn’t be tempted to pluck one of these appetising fruits?

The composition is also particularly stunning: cabbages, apples, bulbs and other tubers seem to be rolling towards the viewer. Using bright, extreme colours, Pieter Snyers shows the Flemish-style tables at their best, richly-laden and ready for a feast, enhanced by a stoneware pitcher. This year’s harvest was clearly good, as shown by the beauty of the round, fresh, plump fruit and vegetables.

Provenance :
Private collection