de jonckheere old masters

Joost de Momper

View of a City in Winter

Panel: 68 x 142 cm


The formal cohesion, the complementary themes and the virtuoso painterly technique typical of de Momper immediately catch the eye in this exceptional panel. First have a look on the magnificent urban landscape showing a snowy path on which we see bundled up travelers, someone collecting firewood and other figures that brighten the tonal and compositional austerity of this painting with its central perspective and very low horizon that might be compared to the Landscape With Skaters formerly shown at the Gallery de Boer Amsterdam in 1930-1931 (cf. K. Ertz, Joost de Momper, Lingen, cat. n° 397). To the left, a vaguely fortified-looking manor punctuates the composition with a striking architectural element.

The stylistic homogeneity is present here in a refined and integrated palette and in the free and spirited brushwork that makes de Momper one of the forerunners of Impressionism, and add further charm to this exceptional painting.

Provenance :
Private collection