de jonckheere old masters

Gijsbrecht Leytens

Winter landscape with people strolling on the banks of a frozen river where children play

Panel: 72 x 105 cm


A veritable symphony of delicate hues, this magnificent finely and meticulously executed winter landscape could be compared to lace. A master of frost, Gijsbrecht Leytens offers us dazzling proof of his talent. The artist manages to give his painting the brilliance of enamel by using gentle, seductive colours. The painting exudes a charming, delicate atmosphere that takes the painful edge off the icy cold.

Typical of the artist's work, the majestic force of the extraordinary foliage dominates the small figures who animate the foreground of our painting with a discreet vivacity. To paraphrase Edith Greindl, a great specialist on the artist, it is as though “…a feeling of grandeur arises from the exceptional opulence of the trees; they powerfully rise into the space, their treetops seem to meet the sky, their gnarled trunks, the irregular forms of their branches and their tiny twigs seem to be a quirk of nature… A confident choice of hues helps to sustain the unity of the painting.”

A painter of precision and a creator of delicious harmonies, Gijsbrecht Leytens astonishes us with his ability to make the cold, ice, winter and frost the most important elements in a splendid painting that is a wonder to behold. Yvonne Thiery perfectly sums up in a few words, the significance of the artist in the history of landscape: “When you look at the paintings, the delicacy of Leytens’ colours, the skill he uses to harmonise the nuances, and the lightness he gives the twigs thanks to a very particular technique are features that defy imitation.”

Provenance :
Private collection.