de jonckheere old masters

Jacob Savery the Younger

Kortrijk 1592 - Amsterdam after 1651

The second son of Jacob Savery the Elder (ca. 1565-1603), Jacob Savery the Younger was trained in the circle of Flemish masters who, persecuted for their religious faith, had sought sancturary in Holland. Since he was not yet ten or eleven years old when his father died, the hypothesis of the latter teaching him the rudiments of his craft should be rejected, however precocious his artistic dispositions may have been. But the drawings - and above all the etchings - of Savery the Elder may have been a source of inspiration to him.

The Amsterdam circle of Flemish painters - a group of artists who, notwithstanding their residing in Holland had remained faithful to the Brueghelian model and tradition - had a major importance in his artistic development. He thus followed in the footsteps of Hans Bol, Pieter Brueghel and Roeland Savery, his uncle, favouring specific motives of their creation, which he thereafter interpreted in a most personal manner. We lose track of the circumstances of his life after 1651, which is probably the year of his death. The relative shortness of his career accounts no doubt for the scarcity of his ascertained production.