de jonckheere old masters

Joachim Patenier

(Entourage of) Bouvignes circa 1480 - Antwerp 1524

Joachim Patenier, who may be considered as the very first Flemish landscape painter was accepted as a Master of the Antwerp Guild in 1515. Although it has not been clearly established that Patenier was the pupil of Gerard David in Bruges, it is however certain that the Masters worked together, in particular on the decoration on the entry into Antwerp of Archduke Charles.

Albrecht Dürer, who stayed in Antwerp from 1530, and Quentin Metsys became close friends with Patenier whose work they admired. Patenier would borrow certain iconographical formulas from Bosch and certain artistic features, such as that highly charateristic way of his of placing the horizon very high in a landscape seen in a plunging perspective. However, this upturning of value which Bosch performed “by accident”, Patenier wished to do so on purpose. Owing to this, he is the genuine initator of the genre of the autonomous landscape in wich the religious scenes depicted are mere pretexts. While ignoring the Italian lesson, he imposed his methods, pure colors and new vision to a whole generation of painters such as J. van Cleve, C. Massys, H. Met de Bles, J. W. de Cock, M. Cock, L. Gassel and L. van Valckenborch. Even after the XVI century, all the great landscape painters, wheter they be Flemish, Italian or French were directly inspired by his work, right up to Poussin and Le Lorrain.