de jonckheere old masters

Joost de Momper

1564 - Antwerp - 1635

As a landscape painter, Joost de Momper worked on the cusp between mannerism and the realistic representation of nature. Initially inspired by Pieter Bruegel, he later studied the Venetian palette of the late work of Tintoretto. His Alpine memories left an indelible mark on his œuvre. Like many of his contemporaries, he often painted scenes of the four seasons.

Joost de Momper was inspired by reality to create his fantastical landscapes. Applying the three-tone system: browns and reds in the foreground, grey-green in the middle and pale blue in the background, he was able to use the atmosphere and clouds to render the space. At the end of his life, he also painted landscapes of wide plains. His Mediterranean inspired landscapes connect him with Adam Elsheimer and Paul Bril.