de jonckheere old masters

Louis de Caulery

Circa 1575 – Antwerp – 1621

Probably born in the village of Caulery near Cambrai, de Caulery moved to Antwerp in 1594 and became a student of Joos de Momper. It was in this city that he was made a Master in 1602.

It has not been determined exactly when he travelled to Italy; however, his work indicates that he spent time in Venice, Florence and Rome. Oriented primarily towards genre paintings, this artist depicted highly diverse scenes: carnivals on ice, fireworks, bull fights, outdoor gatherings, allegories of the five senses, and parties painted in the spirit of the Fontainebleau school. The high-waisted figures with their specific poses, their smooth faces, and wide foreheads are typical of his manner. His handling of colour is very refined. The palette, influenced by the Italian masters, was an innovative one in Flanders: half-tones, yellow ochre, Veronese Green, wine hues. His architectural elements display a devotion to accuracy and great skill in the perspective rendering.