de jonckheere old masters

Marten van Valckenborch

Louvain 1535 – Frankfurt 1612

Van Valkenborch, who was born in Louvain in 1534, came from a family of artists, mainly landscape painters, including Gillis, Frederik and Lucas. He enrolled at the Malines Guild of Painters in 1559, and then in Antwerp, where he stayed until 1572. In the wake of the religious persecutions, he left Antwerp and moved to Aachen, where he joined Hans Vredeman de Vries and his brother Lucas. He was registered as a citizen of this city in 1573. After a short stay in Antwerp, he joined his brother in Frankfurt in 1586.

Marten van Valkckenborch adopted the formula of the panoramic landscape inherited from Pieter Brueghel the Elder, combining linear and aerial perspectives. His panoramas, as with his brother Lucas, meticulously deal with topographical peculiarities, though the portrayal of people and a sober range of colours bestow a unique, personal touch on them, resembling the last bouts of the Mannerist style. Together with Hans Bol, he was one of the oldest urban landscape artists in the Low Countries.