de jonckheere old masters

Pseudo van Kessel

Still life with copperware, fruit and a butterfly

Copper: 21,5 x 22,2 cm


An outstanding elegance and pictorial refinement are the distinctive marks of this small emblematic panel by Pseudo van Kessel. Through the format, medium and general organisation of the elements, we can easily see the reason for the confusion between the work of this mysterious master and the works of van Kessel.

Nevertheless, the characteristics that irrevocably distinguish an independent artistic personality are clearly obvious here.

The sobriety of the composition, rigorously organised in an atmosphere of elegant austerity, the precise touch and the choice of motifs, glorified with highlights of pure light, reveal a great artistic talent. With ease, the artist perfectly harmonises the touches of colour with the palpability of each fruit. His rendering of the textures is truly astounding. The painter adapts his palette with an equivalent ease to the evocation of a piece of fruit that is ripe or freshly picked and the metallic shine of the pewter dishes.

Based on a discreet composition, which mixes sobriety and silence in an almost introspective manner, this small copper surprises the viewer time after time. A multicoloured butterfly, which adds a beautiful poetic touch, flutters amongst the objects and, with its wings, brings the scene to life.

Provenance :
Private collection