de jonckheere old masters

Martin Rijckaert

1587 – Antwerp – 1642

This Flemish landscape painter belonged to a family of five painters. He underwent his training with his father, David Rijckaert the Elder, a painter and art-dealer, and the landscape painter, Tobias Verhaecht. He became a Master of the Guild of Antwerp Painters in 1611 and also “Member of the Chamber of Rhetoric. He finished his training by spending several years in Italy. The influence of P. Bril, whom he met in Rome around 1615-1616, was decisive in the development of his conception of landscape.

Martin Rijckaert invented and perfected his own particular style through the arrangement of the landscapes, the richness in detail, the subtle nuances of brush and pallet, and his special way of rendering foliage and water. While retaining his talent as a master of colour, in his last works, Martin Rijckaert shows proof of a sense and fullness of composition that is worthy of the finest landscape painters. In 1631, he died in the full blossom of his career at the age of 44.