de jonckheere old masters

Master of Frankfurt

Circa 1460 – active until around 1520

The patronymic of this anonymous Dutch painter living in Antwerp results from the execution of two triptychs, one dedicated to Saint Anne for the Church of the Dominicans in Frankfurt, and the other showing the Crucifixion, painted for Klaus Humbracht (1440-1504), a town burgher. We know what this master looks like thanks to a double portrait depicting him with his wife (former Aspitz Collection, Royal Museum, Antwerp) dated 1496. The age of the models is also mentioned: 36 and 17 years old. Inventoried by Friedländer, his work draws inspiration from great artists such as the Master of Flémalle, Rogier Van der Weyden and Hugo Van der Goes, whose Monforte Altarpiece (Berlin) he was familiar with.

He headed a prolific studio and was known for the monumental nature of his figures. He evolved in Antwerp among some of the great mannerist painters such as Quentin Metsys and Joss van Cleve, although their works did not influence him. However, his more innovative pupils showed a strong interest in this art. The Master of Frankfurt has now been identified as Hendrik Van Wueluwe, who became a free master in 1483. His followers include the Master of San Diego, the Master of Stuttgart and the Master of Watervliet.