de jonckheere old masters

Pieter Gysels

1621 – Antwerp – 1690

Pieter Gysels was born in Antwerp, where he became the pupil of Jan Boots in 1641 and a master in 1650. Like his master, he devoted himself to both landscapes and still lifes. The style of his landscapes is similar to that of Jan ‘Velvet’ Brueghel in their composition and choice of colours.

What makes his work different is the emphasis he places on lighting effects, sometimes using very bright colours, and his delicate and meticulous technique, especially in the rendering of his backgrounds. Occasionally, Pieter Gysels reintroduces panoramic landscape into his paintings. Lastly, he is known for the elegant representation of his characters, similar to other masters of the genre, such as Hieronymus Janssens or Gonzales Coques. The charm of his paintings, together with the diversity of his inspiration, make Pieter Gysels one of the most valued Flemish painters.