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Marten Rijckaert



The Flemish landscape painter, Marten Rijckaert, came from a family of five artists: his father, the painter and art dealer David Rijckaert I, was his first master, after which he became the pupil of the landscape artist Tobias Verhaecht. He became a master of the Antwerp Guild of Painters in 1611, as well as a ‘Member of the Chamber of Rhetoric'. Like Jan Brueghel I and II, it was only later that he completed his training with several years spent in Italy, where he was influenced by Paul Bril, whom he met in Rome circa 1615-1616. These years were a determining factor in the elaboration of his conception of landscape. He also learnt to lighten his palette, thus bringing a sense of freshness and translucence to his paintings. He invented and perfected a personal style: strong colours or impasto in the foreground, lighter colours painted in lively strokes in the background. In addition, his paintings are always rich in detail. His works are rarely signed, but his particular conception of foliage in generally dense, rounded tufts, as well as certain favourite motifs, allow us to identify him. His manner of painting water is particularly remarkable. While retaining all his talent as a colourist, Marten Rijckaert shows a powerful sense of composition in his late works, worthy of the greatest landscape artists.