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What we do

We are much more than an art gallery. We provide a range of services to our clients, allowing them to buy or sell with complete confidence, and helping them find the best possible means to enlarge or refine their collections.

If you have works to sell

We perform an expert, in-depth art-historical examination of each work. We provide an assessment of the market value of the works, along with a tailored sales strategy. We will offer full logistical support throughout the transaction. We will consider all selling options, including the possibility of our buying directly from the client.
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If you are aiming to buy

We guarantee the quality and provenance of every artwork in our gallery. We will make our own art-historical expertise available to you. And our privileged relationships with museum curators and specialists means that we can draw on some of the world’s finest art-historical scholarship. We can advise you on preserving, restoring and presenting the works in your collection – and put you in touch with the particular restorer who is best placed to handle your piece. All the conservators that we work with are world-renowned in their field. We will happily give access to our specialised library, containing more than 10,000 volumes: our research staff will be happy to guide you through it.
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If you are looking for something particular

We are specialists in private sales and can help buyers find exactly the piece they want. Conversely, we will take on the sale of a collection, and will achieve the best results for sellers by tapping into our extensive network of clients. We can handle every aspect a private sale: negotiation, contracts, packaging and freighting.
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