A BUSY START TO THE NEW SEASON! — De Jonckheere Gallery


Keen to get together to talk about the summer and see what’s on the agenda, the events on offer in Geneva, London and Munich this season are dynamic and varied!

The hostilities open on 26 September with the Art en Vieille Ville event in Geneva, with its new exhibitions. With the preview on Thursday and open doors on Saturday 28, it’s an opportunity for you to read your classics again or kindle your desire to discover the writers passionate about the Flemish masters! ‘Des mots pour peinture’ (Words for painting) is all about the great texts that rival with the finest paintings. Yourcenar, Rilke, Flaubert, Artaud: beautiful writing to match the brilliant paintwork of the likes of Brueghel, Met de Bles and the followers of Bosch.

And then off to London, from 2 to 6 October, for the exhilarating Frieze Masters. We shall be presenting our latest acquisitions on our new stand, featuring both modern and old masters works. Just enough time to check out London before heading off to Munich to present our Highlights from 15 to 20 October 2019. It’s with great excitement that we’re returning to this Bavarian fair, where we shall be showing a selection of old masters. An echo of the cultural wealth of this town we are particularly fond of.

So get your diary at the ready! We can’t wait for this new season and for the pleasure
of seeing you again soon.