January with Jacob Grimmer — De Jonckheere Gallery
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January with Jacob Grimmer

Let’s start the year on the right foot,
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For January, we’ve chosen the painter Jacob Grimmer. We particularly like his panoramic landscapes with their blue and silver reflections, the abundance of details and the perfect balance of his compositions. He is, without a doubt, a key figure in the history of the landscape genre!


January with JACOB GRIMMER
Ca. 1526 – Antwerp – 1589

Discover his life, his major works, those that have passed through our hands,
those that are kept in museum collections, or those we can present to you by appointment before they’re displayed at an upcoming fair.

May January be a joyful start to the year:

plunge into the calm and tranquil universe of the works of Jacob Grimmer
and receive our very best wishes for 2021!

Georges & François, Daisy, Laura and Alice