Last Night I Had a Dream — De Jonckheere Gallery

Last Night I Had a Dream

On the occasion of artgeneve we are presenting Last Night I Had a Dream, a set of 18 sculptures realized by Niki de Saint Phalle in 1968. Starting on the 24th of January the show takes place in our exhibition space in Geneva.

Niki de Saint Phalle became an artist when she understood the calming effect art had on her. She therefore developed a visual language composed of bright colours and fantastical shapes as a way to free herself as well as the paint. This set in our exhibition is very much in that spirit. Each painted piece is a character or a symbol drawn from the artist’s own dream life : hearts and helping hands, a sun and a snake, several voluptuous female figures, a couple lying stiffly side-by-side in bed. They are like psychological archetypes, or like the symbols on some personal set of Tarot cards (Niki was fascinated by the Tarot). Many of these same dream-figures crop up as illustrations in letters that Niki wrote to friends, where the images are annotated like photographs in a catalogue.

From January 24th to February 28th.