TEFAF 2024 — De Jonckheere Gallery

TEFAF 2024

Our Flemish painters are known for their sensible compositions and their closeness to nature’s creation – little by little putting Mankind back to the hearth of their concern.

Pieter Brueghel the Younger has that unique sensitivity to peasants – showing them as there are in the simplicity of their everyday life. Dancing, eating, drinking or even yawning, the artist captures their essence and paints them without artifice.

Some other painters attempts to paint women’s beauty with balance and contrasts. The veil and the arcelet of Queen Artemisia are here to increase the whiteness of her skin when the red hues in Lucretia’s portrait enhance the truthfulness of her complexion. The mother-of-pearl skin tone of Amphitrite pops out in a lively and colorful composition while Sibylle of Cleves relies on her beautiful dress and upright position to heighten her steadiness.

The bright lapis-lazuli like blue of Johannes König’s gouache on velun, dated 1618, telling the story of the martyrdom of St Sigismund is only as rare and intense as the story depicted.

Each of our painting holds a captivating story we would share with you on booth 340 from the 7th to the 14th of March in TEFAF, Maastricht.