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Lucas Cranach the Younger

Wittenberg 1515 - Weimar 1586

The Cranachs, a German family of painters, artists and engravers, were active in Saxony during the 16th century. The two sons of Lucas Cranach the Elder, Hans and Lucas the Younger, imitated their father’s art. Lucas the Younger is mentioned as working in his father's studio at the age of fifteen. He took over in 1550.

Lucas the Younger is the only one to move away from his father’s style. He distinguished himself through his expressive and highly meticulous portraits. He shows a great independence in his choice of colours. A skilled painter and engraver, he was noticed by the prince-elector of Dresden, Augustus of Saxony, to whom he became painter by appointment in 1553. From 1565 to 1568, he was the burgomaster of Wittenberg, just like his father. An accomplished portrait painter, he developed a particularly decorative stylised two-dimensional way of representing his subjects. His mythological scenes and his paintings of manners were particularly popular.