BRAFA 2024 — De Jonckheere Gallery
Art Fair

BRAFA 2024

January 28th - February 4th

For our first meeting of the year, we are sharing our unique selection of Modern and Old Masters of the year at @BrafaArtFair, stand 30.

According to the focus chosen by the fair, our main attention is driven on surrealist painters. With several paintings and drawings by René Magritte exposed with Old Masters, we tend to explore how his technique stems from ancient mastery. The artist changes the meaning as well as the purpose of every object depicted.

Paul Delvaux (1897-1994) is this year guest of honor. His work is marked by the representation of nude women in a nocturnal atmosphere that is as soothing as it is disquieting. The Storm, dated 1962 takes us to a world where dreams and reality merge, as an invitation to escape.

For our Old Masters selection we focused on an appealing program based on small size painting. We are exploring the little round panel so popular with Pieter Brueghel the Younger and his son. Directly aiming to decorate Flemish interiors walls, the size of the support doesn’t stop the painter from painting meticulous details. Those panels where very popular on the market in Flanders as the artist where able to meet the growing demand, taking advantage of the format attractiveness.

Furthermore, looking at those paintings by Pieter Brueghel allows us to understand the mechanisms of his production, spot the similarities and understand his style. You may for example be intrigued by the liveliness of the red hue he perpetually uses or the sharpness of his brushstroke.

Come and visit us from the 26th of January to learn more on this exceptional selection.