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Aert van den Bossche

Active in Brussels and Bruges at the end of 15th

Aert van den Bossche or Aert Panhedel, or Harnoult van den Boske according to his signature in 1505, was a Flemish painter active in Brussels and Bruges at the end of the 15th century. We know little about his life. He is mentioned as a painter in Brussels in 1499 under the name of Aert van Panhedel alias van den Bossche, peintre. He was probably the pupil of Hugo van der Goes, or worked alongside him.

His father, the painter Yanne van den Bossche, received commissions from the guild of shoemakers in Brussels. Aert van der Bossche had a son, Gielis Panhedel, who was also a painter. It appears that in 1505, Aert Panhedel was registered with the Bruges guild of painters under the name Harnoult van den Boske. The entry specifies that he had a 15-year-old son called Gilken van den Booeske.